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Bellemere NYC Showroom Tour

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Welcome to visit our Bellemere New York Show room!

Would like to book a time slot to feel the texture of our Bellemere garments? We are open for you every Friday and Saturday from 10-3pm.  click here for booking .

What to expect?

A member of our Belleteam will welcome you to our NYC showroom. You will have the possibility to feel our high-quality products made of cashmere, merino wool and/or cashmere cotton blends .

COVID- 19 Regulations

To abide with COVID-19 rules and regulations, we currently only allow a maximum of two people per time slot into our showroom. Visitors are asked to continue wearing their masks after entering and report any flue-like symptoms, dizziness or sickness to our staff. 

Our mission is to make our customers feel safe and experience a stress-free exhibition of our Bellemere garments. Therefore, we kindly ask you to abide to our rules & your scheduled visit. 


Please cancel your appointment well ahead of time, so that waitlisted customers can take your time-slot.