'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater131453227221234
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater231924580352242
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater331453227450610
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater431453227417842
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater531453227286770
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater631453227581682
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater731453227548914
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater831924580614386
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater931924580417778
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1031924580385010
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1131924580450546
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1231924580483314
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1331924580548850
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1431924580516082
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1531924580581618
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1631453227188466
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1731453227319538
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1831453227352306
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater1931453227385074
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2031453227483378
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2131453227614450
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2231453227712754
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2331453227745522
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2431453227811058
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2531453227843826
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2631453227909362
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2731453227942130
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2831453227974898
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater2931453228007666
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3031453228630258
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3131453228663026
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3231453229252850
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3331453229285618
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3431453229318386
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3531453229351154
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3631453229383922
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3731453229416690
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3831453229514994
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater3931453229547762
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater4031453229580530
'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater4131453229613298

'Aprés Ski' Turtleneck Sweater

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Make a statement with this bold graphic turtleneck sweater made from pure merino wool. This modernized mountain classic pays homage to the French tradition of apres ski, the joyous festivities that take place in cozy chalets after an active day on the slopes. A shaved knit and regular fit provide warmth and comfort. The unique button detail on the turtleneck permits wearers to regulate their temperature while switching up their look. 

Features and Details
  • 90% Merino Wool,10% Cashmere
  • ‘Apres Ski’ graphic on front
  • Double-turned turtleneck design
  • 3x3 ribbing on neck, cuff, and hem
  • Embroidered logo on front and back
  • Opening with buttons on the neck
  • Classic satin stitch
  • Available in 2 colorways 

Cashmere Wool Blend

Woolen cashmere is a blend of both cashmere and wool. It has a warm and cozy feeling due to its unique weave. This material is extra wrinkle resistant and durable like woo, while also having the softness and lightweight feel of cashmere. Garments made from woolen cashmere are not as elastic as cashmere and are more resistant to pilling. It is thicker than worsted cashmere, and regulates body temperature well, making it the perfect fabric for fall and winter.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.