Cashmere Hoodie Sweater123046246596776
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater223046246629544
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater323046246662312
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater423046246695080
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater523046246727848
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater623046246760616
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater723046246793384
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater823046246858920
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater923046246891688
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1023046246924456
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1123046246957224
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1223046246989992
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1323046247022760
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1423046247055528
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1523046247088296
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1623046247121064
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1723046247153832
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1823046247186600
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater1923046247252136
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2023046247284904
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2123046247317672
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2223046247350440
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2323046247383208
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2423046247415976
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2523046247448744
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2623046247481512
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2723046247514280
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2823046247547048
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater2923046247579816
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3023046247612584
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3123046247678120
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3223046247776424
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3323046247841960
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3423046247874728
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3523046247907496
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3623046247940264
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3723046247973032
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3823046248005800
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater3923046248038568
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4023046248071336
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4123046248104104
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4223046248136872
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4323046248169640
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4423046248202408
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4523046248235176
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4623046248267944
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4723046248300712
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4823046248333480
Cashmere Hoodie Sweater4923046248366248

Cashmere Hoodie Sweater

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This loungewear staple is given a luxurious upgrade with 100% cashmere. The relaxed fit is designed with raglan sleeves and ribbing at the cuff and hem.

Details and Features
  • 100% cashmere
  • Relaxed fit
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Ribbed hemline
  • Drawstring hood
  • Available in 3 colors
  • 12 Gauge, 260G

100% Premium Quality Cashmere

Bellemere’s Cashmere is a soft, luxurious material that can make the wearer feel beautiful and confident. We only use premium quality hand-loomed cashmere, resourced from sustainable sources, for our ready-to-wear collections to ensure our sweaters have distinguished quality with a super comfortable feel. Our garments have an average weight of 180-360g, the clothing is therefore lightweight and yet warm due to its high gauge standards and 2-ply knitting. Bellemere uses only A and B grade in cashmere products:

Bellemere Grade A cashmere: 15.5-15.8 micron; 34-36mm fibre length.
Bellemere Grade B cashmere: 15.5-16.4 micron; 34-36mm fibre length.
Bellemere Worsted Cashmere: 14 GG- 18 GG

Care Instructions

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.

Size Information


Version Loose fit Slim Tight fit
Softness Hard Standard Soft
Length Thin Standard Thick
Flexibility Inelasticity Standard Elasticity

Measurements in inch

Size / inch body length chest shoulder breadth sleeve length
S 22 33 13 11
M 22 35 13 11
L 23 36 13 11
XL 23 38 14 11
XXL 24 39 14 12


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Size / cm body length chest shoulder breadth sleeve length
S 56 84 32 27
M 57 88 33 27
L 58 92 34 28
XL 59 96 35 29
XXL 60 100 36 30