Striped Short-Sleeve Cashmere T-shirt111401019293864
Striped Short-Sleeve Cashmere T-shirt211122012389544
Striped Short-Sleeve Cashmere T-shirt311345718444200
Striped Short-Sleeve Cashmere T-shirt411122011603112
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Striped Short-Sleeve Cashmere T-shirt

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Features & Details
  • 85% Silk ,15 % Cashmere 
  • Ultra-thin texture
  • super soft
  • Stripe detail on flip sleeve
  • Plain color without flip sleeve
  • Gauge: 16GG
  • Weight: 160g
  • Model is 6’ 2 ” (189 cm) and is wearing a size L

Silk  Cashmere Blended  

Silk cashmere  is combine with silk fine and soft texture with cashmere softener texture . It is a super smooth fabric with a unique silky luster. This fabric has a pure and smooth yarn filament, with a fine and clear weave, which gives garments a more detailed look and feel. With the right care, it will remain in good condition for many years. Garments made from this material are generally 14 gauge, 16 gauge  gauge loom production.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam iron. 

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XXL 56 46 122 69 49 26

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S 48 38 40 25 17 9
M 50 40 43 25.4 17 9.6
L 52 42 45 26 18 9.8
XL 54 44 46 27 19 10
XXL 56 46 48 27.2 19 10.2