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Hand-made Pea Coat

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  • Notched Lapel
  • Angled Besom Pocked
  • Short Length
  • Thickness: Standard
  • Elasticity: Standard
  • Softness: Softness
  • Weight 1000G



 100% Australian Merino Wool Blend

Handsomely crafted and loaded with multi-functional features, Merino wool is a lightweight and soft fabric and its manual double-sided woolen coats are as debonair as fashion can get. As two pieces of wool cling on to one another to embody a sturdy structure, the inherently porous fibers add to the fondled feel, amidst keeping you cool on the move. While the merino fibers keep moisture away from your skin and block odors, it also leaves you feeling comfortable at broad ranges of temperatures. Made from natural resources, it’s ultra-soft feel couples with our form-fitting and hand-made coat to pronounce comfort and flexibility. All in all, it’s an exemplary pick for colder days when warmth and effortless style are both a priority.

Size Information
Bellemere size (cm) UK US EU body length chest shoulder breadth sleeve length
M 50 40 50 69 100 44 59
L 52 42 52 70 106 45 60
XL 54 44 54 71 110 46 61
XXL 56 46 56 72 114 47 62
XXXL 58 48 58 73 118 48 63


Bellemere size (inches) UK US EU body length chest shoulder breadth sleeve length
M 50 40 50 27 39 17 23
L 52 42 52 28 42 18 24
XL 54 44 54 28 43 18 24
XXL 56 46 56 28 45 19 24
XXXL 58 48 58 29 46 19 25