Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress113256321106088
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress213442445476008
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress313442444984488
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress413442444427432
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress513256321138856
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress613442463301800
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress713256321335464
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress813256321368232
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress913442453635240
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1013256321302696
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1113442450620584
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1213442451865768
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1313256321171624
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1413256321237160
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1513256321269928
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1613442444624040
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1713442449080488
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1813442464710824
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress1913442465366184
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress2013442470609064
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress2113442494365864
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress2213442491809960
Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress2313256340996264

Ribbed A-line Sweater Dress

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Be it a date night or an extravagant occasion, dresses are the one outfit that will work no matter what you’re looking for.

Dazzle the outfit with jewels and wear your hair sleekly for a rich look. If you’re more in for the festive vibes, layer the outfit with a Christmas sweater and fur boots and stay warm through the day. The stylish length and the voguish ribbed pattern is the definition of luxury cashmere. 

Details and Features
  • 35% Cashmere , 65% Australian Merino Wool
  • Mock-neck
  • Long sleeves
  • Midi-length
  • Gauge 7GG
  • Color range: Sage, Rose, Beige, Black

Woolen Cashmere
A blend of cashmere and wool has a warm and homely look and feel, owing to its unique weave. It puts together the wrinkle-resistance, resilience, and durability of wool with the softness and lightness of Cashmere. Garments made from this blend are not as elastic as cashmere and more resistant to pilling. It is thicker than worsted cashmere and able to maintain your body temperature, making it perfect for autumn and winter.

Care Instructions 

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.

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Version Loose fit Standard Tight fit
Softness Hard Standard Soft
Length Thin Standard Thick
Flexibility Inelasticity Standard Elasticity


Measurements in inch

Size / inch body length chest sleeve length
M 36 33 23
L 37 35 24


Measurements in CM

Size / cm body length chest sleeve length
M 91 85 59
L 93 90 60