Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt120889160122536
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt220889160155304
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt320889160024232
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt420889160089768
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt520889160188072
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt620889160220840
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt720889160253608
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt820889160286376
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt920889160319144
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Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt1620889160548520
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt1720889160581288
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt1820889160614056
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt1920889160646824
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt2020889160679592
Silky Cotton V Neck  T-Shirt2120889160712360
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Silky Cotton V Neck T-Shirt

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There isn’t any day in a look book where a plain  V neck doesn’t fit!

Whether you’re layering it or wearing it solo, nothing can go wrong with a tee. The soft feel on the skin makes it an exceptional pick when styled with denims and levelled up with accessories here and there.

Details and Features
  • Mercerized cotton
  • 160G
  • Gauge: 70 GG
  • Ultra-thin Classic V neck
  • (Model is wearing classic Crew Neck)
  • 13 colors

Silk-Coated Premium Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized cotton is premium quality cotton yarn or fabric which has been put through a series of processes, primarily to increase luster. The process enhances the fabric’s adaptability and durability. Our Mercerized cotton goes together with an addition of silk coating, giving it a supple finish that flatters the skin.

Care Instructions 

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.

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XXL 46 14 10 60 105 95 41 21


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Size / inch EU UK US body length chest waist shoulder breadth sleeve length
S 38 6 2 22 33 30 15 7
M 40 8 4 22 35 31 15 7
L 42 10 6 23 37 33 15 7
XL 44 12 8 23 39 35 16 8
XXL 46 14 10 24 41 37 16 8