How long does it take for my item to arrive?

We ship everywhere and anytime on our stylish planet!

Global shipping may take roughly 14-15 days, due to high demand, some items maybe take 2 weeks until order is for filled , unless otherwise stated in your email confirmation. To save our environment, our items are produced by demand, which results in a longer than usual delivery time to our customer. In addition, international shippings are commonly delayed due to COVID-19. While your item may arrive sooner, we can only assure safe delivery within 15-19 days of order.

What should I do if my tracking code says "delivered", but I have not received my order yet?

Sometimes a mail carrier may mark your package as 'delivered' before actually handing over the package. If this is the case, we kindly ask you to wait up to 48 hours to see if the package arrives at your home safely. We also ask you to confirm with your neighbors or ensure that your package was not left outside of your house or apartment building. If you are still unable to locate your package, please contact us here. 

What are the shipping costs? 

The shipping cost will depend on destination country. Please refer to delivery cost during and before checkout. 

Can you explain to me taxes, duties and exchange rates? 

Import duties and taxes are included at the time of checkout for your convenience. Duties on goods can differ greatly depending on the product and the delivery location. You will not have to pay sales taxes. However, you may have to pay customs tax. Please refer to your country’s regulations to learn more about your customs tax. Taxes and Duties are not reimbursed by BELLEMERE. Please contact your local customs department for reimbursement.

If you decline a shipment from BELLEMERE, you are accountable for the original shipping costs as well as the import fees that may be incurred upon delivery back to BELLEMERE. These charges are NOT refunded to you. Custom taxes and import duties are dependent on the order destination (-your country of residency). 

If you cannot see your currency on our website, your bank or PayPal will determine the exact exchange rate that you will be charged. 

How can I receive free delivery?

We usually do not provide free delivery. However, if you sign up to our newsletter, you will be the first to know if and when we provide any promotion codes that provide free delivery. STAY CONNECTED WITH US!

Do I have to create a BELLEMERE account during checkout?

During checkout, customers can create an BELLEMERE account. We advise you to create an account as it will help you to keep record of your purchases and delivery status.