Books Recommendation by Model and Lifestyle coach Lucas Garcez

After our virtual interview with Lucas, we asked Lucas whether is willing to share with us his books recommendations. Below, we listed his TOP 8 books for you.


Title: Return to love  Author: Marianne Williamson

One of my favorite books ever. Like a life changing! She talks about self love and relationship with ourselves

Title: Getting Real Author: Susan Campbell

Quick & easy read; kind of like a self-development book

Title: What got you here won’t get you there  Author: Marshall Goldsmith

Talks about the importance of reinventing ourselves and relationships in big corporations

Title: Conversations with God  Author: Neale Donald Walsch

Incredible book. Talks about Self-love, meditation, relationship with divine

Title: Hidden Blessings Author: Jett Psaris

Amazing book that I got so much value. She talks a lot about Midlife crisis and what it looks like, mind-blowing!

Title: The Buddha and the Badass Author: Vishen Lakhiani

The name says itself - A book that shows that you can have abundance in all areas of your life

Title: The 8th Habit Author: Stephen Covey

Talks about codependent culture and how to improve your greatness

Title: The four agreements Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

Good book, easy and quick to read. Talks about ways to achieve personal freedom