Plain Cotton Polo121574821052584
Plain Cotton Polo221635963781288
Plain Cotton Polo321574821019816
Plain Cotton Polo421574821085352
Plain Cotton Polo521574821118120
Plain Cotton Polo621635963682984
Plain Cotton Polo721635963486376
Plain Cotton Polo821635980460200
Plain Cotton Polo921635963551912
Plain Cotton Polo1021635963715752
Plain Cotton Polo1121635963617448
Plain Cotton Polo1221635963519144
Plain Cotton Polo1321635963846824
Plain Cotton Polo1421635963650216
Plain Cotton Polo1521635963584680
Plain Cotton Polo1621635963879592
Plain Cotton Polo1721635963748520
Plain Cotton Polo1821635963453608
Plain Cotton Polo1921574821150888
Plain Cotton Polo2021574821183656
Plain Cotton Polo2121574821249192
Plain Cotton Polo2221574820954280
Plain Cotton Polo2321574821281960
Plain Cotton Polo2421574821314728
Plain Cotton Polo2521574820987048
Plain Cotton Polo2621574821478568
Plain Cotton Polo2721574821216424
Plain Cotton Polo2821574821347496
Plain Cotton Polo2921574821380264
Plain Cotton Polo3021574821413032
Plain Cotton Polo3121574821445800
Plain Cotton Polo3221574821511336
Plain Cotton Polo3321574821544104
Plain Cotton Polo3421574821576872
Plain Cotton Polo3521574821609640
Plain Cotton Polo3621574821642408
Plain Cotton Polo3721574821675176
Plain Cotton Polo3821574821707944
Plain Cotton Polo3921574821740712
Plain Cotton Polo4021574821773480
Plain Cotton Polo4121574821806248
Plain Cotton Polo4221574821839016
Plain Cotton Polo4332764705571058
Plain Cotton Polo4432764705603826
Plain Cotton Polo4532764705636594
Plain Cotton Polo4632764705669362
Plain Cotton Polo4732773031690482
Plain Cotton Polo4832773031723250
Plain Cotton Polo4932849472422130
Plain Cotton Polo5032849472389362
Plain Cotton Polo5132849472487666
Plain Cotton Polo5232849472454898

Plain Cotton Polo

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You can’t go wrong with a classic polo shirt. Traditionally a golf and tennis staple, the polo has now become a fashion staple that can be worn for many different occasions. The luxurious feel of our Mercerized cotton will make your polo a pleasure to wear on and off the golf course or tennis courts. Style yours with chinos and loafers for a smart but casual off-duty look.

Details and features
  • Mercerized cotton
  • 300 grams
  • 32 yarns
  • 6 colors

100% Mercerized Cotton 

Mercerized cotton is premium quality yarn or fabric which has been put through a series of processes, primarily to increase luster. The process enhances the fabric’s adaptability and durability. Our Mercerized cotton goes together with an addition of silk coating, giving it a supple finish that flatters the skin.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.

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2XL 52 42 42 29 43
3XL 54 44 44 30 46