Double-Breasted Walker Coat111383324803240
Double-Breasted Walker Coat213735027146920
Double-Breasted Walker Coat313146798227624
Double-Breasted Walker Coat411383324770472
Double-Breasted Walker Coat511383324836008
Double-Breasted Walker Coat613146245136552
Double-Breasted Walker Coat713146245169320
Double-Breasted Walker Coat813146798391464
Double-Breasted Walker Coat911383327162536
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1013146245202088
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1111383327195304
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1211383327228072
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1311383327260840
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1413146798358696
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1513146245234856
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1611383326933160
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1711383326965928
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1811383326998696
Double-Breasted Walker Coat1911383327031464
Double-Breasted Walker Coat2011383327064232
Double-Breasted Walker Coat2111383327097000
Double-Breasted Walker Coat2211383327129768

Double-Breasted Walker Coat

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Crafted with 100% Merino Wool, the walker coat is an ideal balance of contemporary style and posh.

The coat delivers a rich look with its eminent notch lapel and contemporary length. From a professional office look to a laidback evening look, the overcoat compliments myriad occasions. Staggering with blues and ravishing with greys, the coats versatility contrasts with it all.

Details & Features
  • Notched Lapel
  • Angled Besom Pockets
  • Mid length
  • Thickness: Standard
  • Elasticity: Standard
  • Softness: Softness
  • Weight 1300G
  • Model is 6’ 2 ” (189 cm) and is wearing a size XXL

100% Australian Merino Wool Coat

 If you're wondering what a pure manual double-sided woolen cloth coat is look no further. It is made from two pieces of wool combined into on fabric, with a pure manual structure. This is a perfect and luxurious fabric for keeping warm, while also not looking too bulky. The double-sided woolen coat is thin an form-fitting, though it is still super warm and soft. This coat is elegant during the colder months while still being chic.

Size Information
Bellemere size (cm) UK US EU body length chest shoulder breadth sleeve length
M 50 40 50 90 100 44 59
L 52 42 52 91 106 45 60
XL 54 44 54 92 110 46 61
XXL 56 46 56 93 114 47 62
XXXL 58 48 58 94 118 48 63


Bellemere size (inches) UK US EU body length chest shoulder breadth sleeve length
M 50 40 50 35 39 17 23
L 52 42 52 36 42 18 24
XL 54 44 54 36 43 18 24
XXL 56 46 56 37 45 19 24
XXXL 58 48 58 37 46 19 25