Cashmere and Cotton Blend Care

Hand-wash Instructions

Step 1: Always wash the garment inside out. Prepare lukewarm lather from warm water no hotter than 30°C and baby shampoo.

Step 2: Gently submerge your cashmere and cotton blend garment in the lather and soak for 5 - 10 minutes.

Step 3: Swirl the garment in the lather after ten minutes. Then, rinse in cold, clean water.

Step 4: Roll the garment up into a ball and gently press from all sides to get the excess water out.

Step 5: Place your garment between two towels to dry up or put it on a drying rack.

Machine wash Instructions

Step 1: Put the garment in a mesh bag before placing it in the machine. Set the machine to a gentle cycle and use cold water.

Step 2: Once done, put your damp garment on a drying rack of between two clean towels to dry up.


Set the iron to the minimum temperature. Place a slight damp cloth on the cashmere. Then, gently press your garment without steam.

Storage care

  1. Gently fold the cashmere and put in a closet shelf. Do not hang your cashmere blend.
  2. Put in air-tight container near lavender or any of the natural moth repellents.
  3. If you plan putting away your garment for the season, wash and keep it dry.

Guide to remove pilling

Brush the cashmere with a fine tooth comb or an electric fabric shaver. However, it is recommended to first washing before brushing.