Sustainable Fashion

Long lasting fabric.

Cashmere is reusable and can last for decades, as opposed to lower quality fabrics. 


Save fuel.


We only ship the products to where they need to be shipped, thus avoiding unnecessary transportation. Instead of shipping all our products to the US and then distributing them from there, we send our products directly from the factory to their final destination. This prevents thousands of items from being unnecessarily sent to the US.


Avoid animal and land overuse.

We value quality over quantity. We produce according to the demand, avoiding overproduction and overuse of animals and land. This way, some items will be designed especially for our customers’ needs, and we will avoid having piles of items in stock. When orders are placed and an item is not in stock, we will make it for the customer. Owing to this, it may take longer for the item to be shipped. However, we believe that our customers care about the animals and the environment as much as we do, and it is a priority to avoid overusing them. Adding on this, we work with factories that select farms based on their ability to keep animals in fair conditions and lessen the negative impact of goats on the environment.