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Classic visor421587948404904
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Classic visor621587948503208
Classic visor721587948535976
Classic visor821587949289640
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Classic visor1221587949584552
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Classic visor1821587949813928
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Classic visor2321587950010536
Classic visor2421587950043304
Classic visor2521587950076072
Classic visor2621587950108840
Classic visor2721587950141608
Classic visor2821587950174376
Classic visor2921587950207144
Classic visor3021587950239912
Classic visor3121587950272680
Classic visor3221587950305448
Classic visor3321587950338216
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Classic visor3521587951550632
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Classic visor4521587952205992
Classic visor4621587952238760
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Classic visor4921587952337064
Classic visor5021587952468136
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Classic visor5221587952566440
Classic visor5321587952730280
Classic visor5421587952763048
Classic visor5521587952795816
Classic visor5621587952828584
Classic visor5721587952861352
Classic visor5821587952894120
Classic visor5921587952992424

Classic visor

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Sleek yet reliable, this Classic visor will protect your face from the sun in the most lightweight way possible. Its mercerized organic cotton blend feels comfortable and smooth against your skin. A visor is a must-have accessory for any active outing on a summer’s day. It’s an excellent finishing touch for a golf or tennis outfit. 

Details and features
  • Mercerized cotton/organic cotton
  • 5 colors

100% Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized cotton is premium quality yarn or fabric which has been put through a series of processes, primarily to increase luster. The process enhances the fabric’s adaptability and durability. Our Mercerized cotton goes together with an addition of silk coating, giving it a supple finish that flatters the skin.


Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry