Bellemere’s 5 Simple Way To Save Endangered Species —Polar Bears

Let’s save the Polar Bear world

What would you think of a world without polar bears? You said, “it’s none of your business,” because the tiger is your favorite. Well, it saddened that this “orange colored with black stripes animal population is also fast declining due to OUR activities. And there are many more of this wildlife—including elephants, turtles, rhinos, and more— that extinction is about to claim!

How do you feel now? Well, I’m sure like every other reasonable human across the globe; you’re sober! We all feel the same. So, what would be a world without polar bears? We said “Empty,” at Bellemere’s Fashion! Simply imagine an empty Artic without polar bears; the population of walruses, seals, whales, reindeer, and rodents getting out of hand will be the least of the problem! And more importantly, how many animals must we lose to our selfish behavior, termed “modernization” and climate change?

This is a challenge for every sustainable-minded! As expected, only a few responded. A vibrant example is Polar Bears International—a non-profit polar bear conservation organization—whose dedication since 1994 to conserving polar bears and the sea ice they depend on can still be felt and seen across media today.

Bellemere’s Sustainable Fashion & Polar Bears

They say, “only a good mother recognizes the cry of a baby.” “We can’t just sit and fold our arms when the nature we preach needs our help,” said Samantha—Bellemere’s CEO. “Something must be done.” She Concluded.

Bellemere’s Winter Polar Bear Concept

To contribute our part, we’ve come up with a Polar bear sweater. A luxury and piece of art dedicated to these creatures. We apply special gradient natural dying techniques to show the explicit relationship between polar bears & their natural environment.


Off Shoulder, Polar bear Swarovski (100% cashmere)

In women's sweaters, we chose the right fabric. A fabric that preaches sustainability as well as gives one of the softest touches on the planet. To expose the feminine character, we proceed by carefully and creatively designing a polar bear structure at the center of the sweat using the delicate Swarovski crystal techniques. The pants were also giving a full swing of these crystal dust on both the left & right sides of the pants to create a matching set
As previously coined, the special color gradient applied was just beyond classic. They depict the Polar bear & its environment at a glance. Making this staple, not just a perfect fall/winter essential, but the voice of the voiceless.


Animal Gradient Sweater (90% Merino & 10% Cashmere wool)

Men's sweaters, on the other hand, also featured this remarkable color gradient, plus the sustainable wool—which implies soft and silky touch—and the polar bear's print on the chest. You can style this sweat with any of your denim or pants, which is, also an added benefit of the sweat. Plus its overall support of polar bear conservation

Is that all?

The above creation is simply a preamble of our plan. We’ve decided to contribute to ECO-Adoption through the Polar Bear Organization. This is why we will start issuing Eco Adopt certificates to our customers after each purchase. Although, this will cost $25 and will be donated to the organization—



6 Simple ways to protect endangered species?

As you can see, Bellemere Sustainable Fashion is simply trying to help these animals. What about you, how can you also contribute your quota? There are several ways to go about it. And who knows, probably, you have an idea right up there. But, if you don’t know what to do; you should try any of the following simple ways.


Be A Volunteer

If you have the opportunity, you can sign up with Polar Bears International—a charity organization dedicated to conserving Polar bears and their environment— to be a part of the volunteer team that educates people about polar bears, factors—like climate change, and human interference—that affect them, and how to mitigate their loss as well as remove them from the extinct list.

Help fight climate change

The first idea may sound bizarre to you, probably because you live on a farther continent. Do you know that wherever you are; you can still contribute your quota? Yes! You can help fight climate change by making your daily commute a little greener. Even if everyone doesn’t listen, your positive contribution goes a long way towards achieving a healthy planet.


Reduce your consumption of animal products

Are you a fan of meals rich in animal products or red meat? Well, who would reject such a delightful and succulent meal? However, heavy consumption of animal products across the globe contributes immensely to how some animals became extinct. Some scientist even believes that about 17,000 animals may become extinct before 2050 as a result of our consumption. So, does that imply that you should not eat meat or any of its products again? That’s your choice! But you can reduce your consumption of these animal products.

Make Donations

Making donations is another simple way you can save polar bears from extinction. There are so many charities helping endangered species out there; the Polar Bear Organization is a great example; as polar bears are concerned. While looking at their website, there are many ways you can make donations. Why don’t you click here to save a baby polar bear today?


Make fundraise for the Polar Bear Organization

Many charities claim they are supporting these creatures. However, Polar Bear Organization stands out. As a matter of fact, they are extra dedicated to the course and are at the forefront of helping these endangered species. You can start online fundraising with your family and friends to protect the polar bears and their environment! 

Buy Less, Buy Better, Keep Longer

Finally, we should definitely exhibit these 3 golden rule principles. We termed it, “ideal sustainable behavior” at Bellemere’s Fashion. Reduce your buying; the more you order, the more natural resources—which includes animals or what they eat—would be utilized; technically, depleted. Buy better, by investing in sustainable products—especially, in wear and household equipment. Keep longer, by recycling your old stuff, you don’t have to buy new items if the old ones are still adequate. Here is a fact, every new thing you buy creates waste, pollutants, and greenhouse gas emissions; which have negative impacts on everything on the planet.

Let’s save the polar bears

Let’s save the polar bears from extinction, as their existence contributes to our healthy ecosystem. Losing them will definitely trigger another loss of other species within the ecosystem; after all, we are all linked—think of it as the relationship between humans & vegetation. Be the first person to take this bold step!