Cotton Cashmere 101: A Must For Everyone This Summer

Cotton Cashmere 101:  A Must For Everyone This Summer

Ta-da! It’s Spring again, the beautiful and remarkable season our blue planet revives and reinvigorates after the long colder winter months. 

We presume you are planning on buying the regular spring outlets (which include clothes made of tropical wool, linen, eyelets, etc.) as you prepare for the hot seasons.

Well, that's not a bad idea but here’s the good news; Cashmere combinations such as cotton and silk-blend are now taking over the Spring market wears across the board. Do you know why? Wait, what do you even know about cotton-cashmere? My bad! I’ll give you a brief introduction.

What Is Cotton Cashmere?

In a straight shot, cotton-cashmere is a cotton product blended with the pure Cashmere. In a more simple term, cotton-cashmere is the combination of cotton fiber and cashmere itself in a final product. Technically, any apparel borne by this combination cannot be mistaken as pure cashmere apparel or other combinations; such as silk. 

What’s So Special About Cotton Cashmere?

Cotton cashmere is so perfect and distinctive because of its combination. Research reveals that cotton fiber is generally strong, has good heat resistance, can be dyed easily, and allow free flow of air; although, may wrinkle easily and lack extensive stretch capacity. This is where cashmere comes in, it works where cotton is inadequate. As cashmere possesses a good wrinkle-resistant and smooth feel, obviously, the combination is one of the perfections of cotton cashmere.

What Makes Cotton Cashmere The Best This Spring?

The 4 major reasons are:

Excellent Insulation Properties

You can think of cotton Cashmere as a modern or latest version of air conditioners. Cotton cashmere will keep you warm even under unbearable conditions, say under 30°C in winter as a result of the cashmere fiber and keep you cool under an extremely scorching sun, say above 40°C in summer as a result of cotton fiber

Excellent Ventilating And Moisture Regulation

Another remarkable feature of cotton-cashmere is its ability to regulate airflow in and out of your body. All thanks to the extra-fine structure of the hair fibers and its combination with cotton fiber which makes it 100% a breathable material. Cotton cashmere also serves as a moisture regulator. Its layers are arranged in such a way that makes it easier to manage sweat; while your colleagues are sweating like a horse on a marathon, you’ll still retain your coolness.

Comfortable And Soft

As one of the softest fibers in the world; what should you expect? You should expect a one-of-kind material that’s very soft, cozy to wear, and not tough like a soldier khaki, obviously. And rest assured, it won’t peel, instead, it will retain its form for a very long time.


Cotton cashmere apparel would last longer if properly maintained. Therefore, while your friends are shopping and shopping all over again for spring and summer wear; you’ve got yourself long-lasting apparel.

Cotton Cashmere and Silk Cashmere: What Makes It An Important Footprint For 2022?

As the world is striving and weighing available means to battle against global warming. It’s a no-brainer to start switching to eco-friendly materials to save our world from spinning off course. Cotton cashmere and silk-cashmere are one of the best ways to begin the change. Come to think of it, cotton and cashmere fiber is natural; likewise silk and cashmere. Definitely, they are biodegradable, sustainable, and renewable. Which makes their combo 100 times better than their synthetic counterpart. Therefore, while shopping for your spring apparel ensure to buy recycled or reused cotton-cashmere or Silk Cashmere materials. 

Do Celebrities Wear Cotton or Silk Cashmere?

Absolutely! Wait, what do you expect? Cotton and silk-cashmere materials are popular among luxurious wool in the world. Therefore, It’s a must for them and you; yeah, everyone is a celebrity! While checking through the latest updates, your favorite celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Lily Aldridge are fond of rocking their day in a series of luxurious silk and cotton cashmere materials. The likes of Dakota Johnson, Emma Robert, Ginnifer Goodwin, Angelina Jolie, etc are also caught of recent rocking some of the most sophisticated luxurious silk or cotton-cashmere apparel. So, what are you waiting for?

Bellemere Cotton Cashmere: Mix and Match Collections 

If you come this far, it’s a sign you have decided to buy our natural and high-quality cotton cashmere. Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place; so how can you combine our Cotton and silk-cashmere? 

Casual Cotton/Silk Cashmere Pieces: What’s the occasion? A date or post-game drinks at your favorite clubhouse? Then you should combine our sleeveless polo shirt with a jacket and cargo tan pants. If you are choosing our Silk Cashmere polo, on the other hand, you can also rock it with our cargo white pants to make you look astonishing at any gathering this Spring.

For your upcoming road trip, weekend shopping, and casual outing, you should consider our silky long sleeve silky V-neck with short denim jeans to make you feel comfortable this spring.

Sporty Cotton/ Silk Cashmere Pieces: You can also, rock our classic polo shirt to your favorite tennis and golf course. The combination with your tennis shorts or golf pants is all you need this spring and summer. Whether you chose yellow or pink, you’ll always be the center of view at the course. It’s unisex.

Formal Cotton/Silk Cashmere Pieces: Coming soon

How To Maintain Cotton Cashmere 

As part of our obligation to ensure you enjoy our products as long as possible, we are delighted to give you the following guidelines to support you in taking proper care of your clothes.

Cleaning Procedure

  • Can be hand-washed in cold water with a gentle detergent
  • Remove water excess
  • Lay your semi-wet clothes on a dry cloth like your towel to dry up.
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron at cool settings

Storing Procedure

  • Gently fold in your closet. Leaving it hung up may cause it to expand due to gravity.
  • Store in a cotton bag as bugs and moths can’t penetrate it
  • Use a natural scent repellent to permanently keep off general insects from invading it.


Why Should You Rely On Belle mere For A Quality Cotton Cashmere?

Let me ask you, why would you rely on whatever a certified dentist says when you are having a teeth problem? Because you know they have what it takes, right? 

Similarly, Bellemere has what it takes; and as a matter of fact, our Cotton cashmere is BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified, and with our Cashmere already certified sustainable resources; it’s a double combo! As if that’s not enough, our cotton-cashmere is RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

Aside from certifications, we’ve got a high standard for resources. The durability and anti-pilling performance of our yarns are of the best. Many years of practice got us this far! Some companies without transparent resources may want to drag you into buying the crack. Wait, what would crack company promises you? Guaranty or Quality?

So, why don’t you start shopping our collections of high-quality cotton-cashmere this spring already? It’s not too late to rock our luxurious cotton cashmere apparel.