Dress In Style and Sustainability This Summer



It is not every day that you come across a high end clothing item that is truly environmentally sustainable, fashionable, and practical. It really matters that your fashion is not only in style, but done with sustainability. The importance of sustainable fabrics is something that should matter to everyone, as the environment is something we all depend upon and wish to preserve.


Our ongoing environmental crisis demands that we shop and live more sustainably. When you buy quality clothing that is made in sustainable ways, you are doing your part to contribute to a better environment. Bellemere does not just talk the talk of sustainability, they also walk the walk. You can see this in the ways they ensure they have certificates from their supply chain at every level that ensure sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals and farmers.


What is Cotton Cashmere?


Cotton cashmere is a blend that brings the best of cotton together with the best of cashmere. It creates a silky, comfortable feeling that is also one of immense quality. Cotton cashmere is smooth and soft and it is easy to take care of too. You can hand wash it for best results, or give it a gentle wash in a washing machine but do not dry it in the dryer. Cotton cashmere is made to dry quickly and with ease. It holds dye well, looks bright and bold in many colors, and feels luxuriously soft in any weather. 



What are the Environmental Benefits of Our Cotton Cashmere?


Bellemere creates sustainable cotton cashmere products for men and women that check every box - they look amazing, feel comfortable and chic, and are good at caring for the environment. Bellemere is able to be all of these things because of their focus on quality. Their fabrics are of high quality from start to finish. They also value ethical sources in achieving this high end high quality fabric of cotton cashmere, created from yarns, raw materials and cashmere hair that is grown sustainably by farmers in inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang Uygur, Ningxia Hui, Qinghai & ShanXi Province.



Why is the fabric so important, you may ask? It is important because it is luxurious, comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable. Bellemere values that which is good for people and good for the planet. The textile companies they work with are highly advanced, use low energy consumption in production, and have excellent dyeing and finishing equipment that contributes to both sustainability and the yarns overall quality. The clothing feels soft, perfect in any temperature, and of course, natural.



Another environmental bonus of Bellemere’s clothing is that it ensures sustainability in being a quality item that you will not have to replace. So much of our clothing today  is disposable and made unsustainably these days. Fast fashion is meant to buy cheap, go out of style or fall apart, and be replaced quickly and often. Bellemere’s clothing is of the timeless fashion variety. Classic pieces that are always in style and well made and that ensure the environment is protected and cared for in the process of production as well as consumption. You will want to wear Bellemere’s products, not replace them and they will also last in style!


Cotton Cashmere in Summer? Yes!

Many think that cashmere is a winter-only fabric but Bellemere’s fabric is 90% cotton 10% cashmere - it is perfect for summer days. It feels light and comfortable and as it is mostly cotton, this blend allows for breathability and freshness.


When you wear the natural fabric clothing that is produced in these highly sustainable ways from Bellemere you can trust that you are not only making a fashion statement, you are making an environmental one. There are many things we can do to help our environment on the individual level and one of them is shopping with the ethics of environmental sustainability in mind. Bellemere does this work for you so you can trust that the product you are wearing is made from good materials, looks good, feels good, and is friendly for the environment as well.


Enjoy the summer days by feeling stylish in sustainable cotton cashmere clothing.