Paris Fashion 2023: Unveiling Innovative Base Layers, Trends Of The Future, And Accessories

Just when we thought we've seen it all at London Fashion Week with mind-blowing collections, shocking royal appearances (Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi), and a star-studded red carpet featuring Kate Moss, Ashley Graham, Paloma Elsesser, and more. Guys, Paris Fashion 2023 literally blew my mind! It was beyond epic, even better than you could ever imagine.

The fashion houses showcased their latest collections, including Bellemere New York. If you think; the fun was all about the collections and runways; then you are not paying much attention! The front row was packed with celebrities from music and film industry. It was star-studded madness! You should've been there, seriously!

Should I start counting them? Nah! I won’t bore you with a celebrity headcount. Let’s just say the show was a star-studded extravangaza that would make even the most dedicated paparazzi dizzy with excitement. It was a sight to behold! While there are varieties of prominent fashion statements seen on the runway; this article would focus on the 10 Innovative Base Layers, Accessories, and Trends Of the Future Bellemere New York Fashion unveil at Parish Fashion Week 2023.


Base-layer Top and Leggings

Bellemere New York is making waves with their latest unisex thermal base-layers in a variety of colors that are guaranteed to make a statement at the grand event. These aren't your average base-layers, though. They're specially designed with thermoregulation technology, like sustainable material with a high-tech twist. The premium quality Merino used and strategic placement make these bevies engineering marvels. Plus, they're perfect for fall and winter, whether you're lounging or hitting the gym.


Oversized Sleeveless Overcoat and Jumpsuit

Varieties of oversized jackets and coats were the major collections exhibited at this year's Paris Fashion Week. But Bellemere New York took it to a whole new level. While other fashion houses played it safe with wide-leg pants and accessories, Bellemere New York ventured into something exceptional that seemingly works well with the current season's formal wear, adding touches that ensure a unique and stylish look. Both the oversized and long sleeveless coat, as well as the jumpsuit, provide a versatile appearance suitable for both formal and informal settings.

Oversized Coat, Top, and Short

This combo is totally different from the previous one and also made a grand entrance! The model rocked an oversized coat, a brushed cashmere top, matching pants, and topped it off with a houndstooth headband. The effect was mind-blowing! It transformed casual luxury wear from spring and summer into an instant fall and winter staple. While other fashion houses focused on exclusive winter fashion, Bellemere New York is bridging the fashion gap for the current season.

Oversized Coat and Brushed Cashmere Sweater

Another major highlight of Paris Fashion Week was this mind-blowing combo of a brushed cashmere sweater with an oversized coat. Did I mention that the beret the model rocked as she strutted down the catwalk made the whole look breathtaking? Well, it totally did! But wait, there's more! Bellemere New York also showcased a mind-blowing men's casual combo with a patterned sweater, a full zip closure jacket, and that cashmere sweater wrapped snugly around the neck. These are the ultimate staples for staying cozy in the cold season. 

Cardigan and Mockneck Sweater

Unlike those super oversized sweaters, cardigans, and jackets showcased by designers like Saint Laurent, Bellemere New York keeps it creative with a snug fit. Well, except for the oversized coats and some slightly relaxed turtlenecks Mini Dress. Check out this cardigan with a classic design on the elbow and two front pockets. This concept offers a snug fit over the mockneck sweater, allowing you to pair it with almost any pants of your choice. Adding matching patches would definitely create an amazing look!

Zipped Jacket and Cardigan

Based on statistics, zipped jackets and cardigans have been extremely popular this season. It's a no-brainer, considering the cooler temperatures. But there's something special about Bellemere New York's zipped jackets and cardigans showcased at this year's fashion week. Not only are they made from sustainable fabrics, but they also feature unique nature designs like mountains and deer heads, making them super eco-friendly in my book. Now, let's talk about the Merino RDC down jacket. This design combines wool and quilted shell with a detachable hood. Just picture it with a red sweater underneath and black denim. The combo is absolutely electrifying! Click her to place a preorder!

Women’s Vest

Talk about amazement, and you've got the perfect fit! While many fashion houses showcase great quilted jackets, Bellemere New York's full closure women's vest is just truly a marvel.  Imagine a dual-faced vest that you can wear inside out! That's some crazy innovation right there. This masterpiece combines glossy recycled nylon and merino wool, with a cool multicolor print on the front for some raw sophistication. Style it as an inner layer and you'll be on a whole new level of winter fashion! Click here to place a preorder!

Turtleneck Mini Sweater 

Paris Fashion Week 2023 will go down in history for Bellemere New York's amazing collection of turtleneck mini sweaters. These innovative mini dress are carved from premium cashmere fabrics, ribbed, and come in a variety of colors. And let me tell you, Bellemere took this style to a whole new level with ribbed features and pearled accessories! Obviously, why the dress creates an hourglass silhouette as the models strut down the catwalk. They're slightly relaxed, perfect for full-figured body types, stretchy, and show off those sexy curves. Pair them with leggings and boots, and you're ready to slay!

Oversized Coats and Skirt

Bellemere totally rocked the stage once again with her latest collection featuring oversized coats, off-shoulder tops, and mini skirts. It's a classic style with a twist, combined with some luxury accessories. I'm not sure where Samantha, the CEO and Creative Director of Bellemere New York, got her inspiration from. Maybe it's a mix of street style or probably, she’s aiming to bridging the gap between formal and casual wear. But one thing's for sure, this collection expertly enhances feminine styles with elegance. The flamingo-colored overcoat, tweed skirt, hat, and ribbed scarf are just on point. This luxury street style proves that going casual can still embrace touches of formal.

Men’s Oversized Coat and Denim

I almost missed out on this super cool overall style they showcased. This is another cool street style that can also give off a formal vibe when paired with an office shirt and pants. The style features a sleek, handmade luxury overcoat with a notched lapel and a single jade button. Add a polo shirt and your favorite denim to complete the look. And don't forget to rock some statement boots, a cashmere scarf for men, and a cool pair of fashion glasses you can definitely find on Fifth Avenue in New York. Trust me, you'll look amazing!


Thermal Socks

Another theme of this year's epic fashion weeks is the series of contemporary accessories like belts, hats, fancy caps, and all that jazz. But what really intrigues me is Bellemere's pair of thermal socks. From a distance, they may look like any other socks, but these great peices are heavy-duty! Crafted from luxurious fabrics in a variety of colors, they're not just bold, but the designs and logos enhance the overall allure of the collection. Trust me, these socks are more than just a job! Click her to place a preorder!


Paris Fashion Week 2023 came and went in a flash. But one thing's for sure, it's still the ultimate hub of innovation and creativity in the fashion world, worldwide. As we eagerly await next year's Paris Fashion Week, let's get ready to embrace Bellemere New York's unconventional materials and their creativities. They're not just about looking pretty, but also about being sustainable and eco-friendly. Brace yourself, because this fashion house is gonna shake up the world of fashion once again with their mind-blowing creativity!

As we eagerly anticipate amazing deals next year, let's see how fabulous this brushed cashmere can make you look this Fall. And maybe consider adding a stylish overcoat for those cooler days.