The Best Christmas Gift For Lovers, Couples, & Friends

Belle’s Luxury & Sustainable, Coat, Sweater, & Socks for Christmas



Bellemere Christmas gift for couples, lovers, and friends


It’s the season of gifting, love, reunion, and curdling; the season we’ve been anticipating! The month everyone wants to be loved, involved, and active even if the price is to be inactive for the past eleven months. Mere thinking about all the activities embedded in December, it’s only common sense to do whatever it takes to replenish and felicitate with your loved ones.


As we approach December 25th—the most celebrated holiday in the world—what do you think should be at the top of your bucket list? Take them out? Well, that sounds cool---you may achieve their dreams by taking them to places like Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, etc; if you happen to live on your US soil. You may also choose Buckingham Palace, or some places in Edinburgh if you live in the UK, or better still, any top-notched spot in your country.


As fun and important as that may sound, there is something more critical to do and what is that? You definitely have to buy them a Christmas gift! According to The Dawn, giving out gifts creates happiness and boosts inner satisfaction no matter how tiny the gift is. To its end, it demonstrated how giving out is a crucial part of human interaction and how it strengthens bonds with family & friends.


Furthermore, while tracing the history of gifting, a UNESCO journal on how gift idea started, depicts the Maoris of New Zealand point of view, it said, "Maoris of New Zealand believed a magic power, which they called “Hau” entered into a present and created a permanent link between the giver and receiver.” So what does the above tell you; Whether superstitious or not, the act of giving and receiving gifts procreates genuine happiness anyone can control!

Belle’s Luxury & Sustainable, Coat, Sweater, & Socks

Among several best of Christmas Fashion plugs on the internet with, probably, physical stores in London and New York, Belle’s Sustainable fashion house is just way too exceptional. If you’re only thinking about the 20% cut in its luxury coats, sweaters, & socks sales this Christmas, you’re only mistaken as those who sell fake sweaters or poor fabrics offer discounts of up to 60%.


Bellemere's core values revolve around sustainability, luxury, contemporary styles, and quality. Any concept out of this chain is definitely not Bellemere's Sustainable Fashion.

So, What Do We Offer?

All Belle’s Christmas gifts meet the season’s requirement, technically; if it’s not Premium Merino wool, then it’s definitely any category of CashmereWorsted to Premium--and they are unisex unless stated otherwise.


Belle's coat is one of the best gifts you can offer as a gift this season. They are carefully knitted on luxury multiple layers of luxury wool, in addition to their marvel styles and rich mixed colors. This collection of Christmas coats is an ideal Christmas gift you should definitely buy for your loved ones.

Below are Men’s Double Breasted Coat and Grand Double-Breasted Wool Coat among many of our handmade merino wool coats for Christmas gifts. You can check more astonishing styles from here for your loved ones

Bellemere's Christmas gift for couple, lovers, and friendsBellemere's Christmas gift for couple, lovers, and friends
Don't you think they'll look perfect on Him or Her?



Belle’s Christmas sweaters are simply beyond description. Imagine them as a shield with an inner shield making them impenetrable by cold air from the outside, but wait, doesn’t that sound like wearing a polythene bag, Nah! they are luxury wool technically knitted to regulate the inflow and outflow of air as we’ve crashed the month of extreme coldness.

Belle’s Christmas sweaters are only made in luxury cashmere and merino wool, as well as in modern style and rich hue. Below are Mountain-Print-Half-Zipped Merino Sweater and Apres Ski Turtleneck Sweater. You can check more astonishing looks from here for your loved ones.

Bellemere's Christmas gift for couple, lovers, and friendsBellemere's Christmas gift for couple, lovers, and friends

Simply imagine that your dearest in one of these; how gorgeous will they appear?


As simple as gifting a pair of socks may sound, it’s quite essential this season and everyone knows it! Belle's vault of luxury cashmere socks is exactly the ideal gift you need to buy this season. Come to think of it, who would reject a pair of socks that regulates moisture and ultimately protect the skin and keep the wearer comfortable? Absolutely nobody! With just a click Over-The-Knee-Cashmere Socks is on its way and if you want more, simply click here

Bellemere's Christmas gift for couple, lovers, and friends

What’s More

Belle also offers classic sets of luxury cashmere scarves and gloves that trap warmth better in addition to their admirable and contemporary look. Click here for more info about this collection.

In A Nutshell

If it’s true that life is too short, it’s definitely important to always make people smile! Take advantage of a 20% discount off Bellemere’s Christmas Special to strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones. Note that this special discount expires after Christmas.