10 Winter Outfits to Feel Warm And Chic

Winter Outfits to Fell Warm & Chic | Bellemere New York

Winter is the perfect time to rock elegant, stylish outfits. Coats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, berets, dresses… the list is endless and all of the possibilities are fantastic. If you’re looking for inspiration to push your winter outfits to the limit, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our list of 10 winter outfits that will make you feel warm and chic for both men and women. Check out our list and find inspiration for your next winter look!

Red, Chic & Gorgeous

Red, Chic & Gorgeous | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

The best way to complement a simple winter coat is by using bright-colored accessories that bring out the heat during the cold winter months. Raise the warmth with this beautiful winter beret set, which includes a red cashmere beret with fox fur pom, a warm and ultra-soft cashmere scarf, and a pair of lovely red gloves.

Coat, Belt & Turtleneck

Coat, Belt & Turtleneck | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

An elegant double wool coat is a chic way to cover up a cashmere turtleneck sweater. It’s also a fantastic way to stay warm during a cold winter walk outside. This Bellemere New York coat is made of 100% lamb wool, and the triple button closure is made stylish and elegant with the belted accessory. The best part is that you can also switch out the belt for a different look. The turtleneck sweater is made 100% cashmere and with sloping shoulders for an extremely elegant cut.

Coated & Cute

Coated & Cute | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

Going out with your favorite person can be as romantic as it can be comfortable! Wearing the right winter attire can keep your winter date warm and toasty. Our classic cashmere beret combines perfectly with any winter outfit, but it goes especially well with our oversized belted wool coat. As for the men, our 100% merino wool overcoat over a soft high neck cashmere sweater is the epitome of elegance and comfort for any walk in the park.

Simple & Elegant

Simple & Elegant | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

For an evening inside or perhaps a holiday party, this outfit is ideal. The simple and elegant high neck cashmere sweater has all the softness and splendor you want in a winter outfit. It is crafted from the finest quality cashmere, with breathable fabric and a deluxe feel. Combine it with a dark pair of denim jeans and you're set to go out the door.

Street Fashion Chic

Street Fashion Chic | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

Being chic and going out are not opposites. In fact, they’re two sides of the same coin. Pair a comfortable and toasty hoodie made with a cashmere and cotton blend with a gray walker coat made with 100% merino wool. This winter outfit is the ideal balance of contemporary, & posh.

Classic Black & Tan

Classic Black & Tan | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

Black goes with everything. A fitted, 100% cashmere sweater, is the ultimate statement of elegant winter fashion. And when paired with the delicate, earthy tones of a tan cashmere scarf, you have a hot look that will keep you looking amazing while also staying warm!

A Beige Coat Goes With Everything

A Beige Coat Goes With Everything | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

Bring on the elegance! It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath - a double-breasted wool coat is sure to bring on the magic to any winter outfit while also keeping you toasty warm thanks to being made with 100% lamb wool.

Turtleneck Fever

Turtleneck Fever | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

There’s no better way to stay warm inside than with a warm knitted sweater don’t you think? Our knitted turtleneck diamond sweater is a comfy accessory that makes a great winter outfit statement, for both him and her. If you plan to stay inside, drink hot cocoa, and watch movies together, then this sweater is the best companion for you. It gives a debonair look to any outfit, becoming the statement piece of a cold winter day.

Flamingo ‘Til You Drop

Flamingo Coat | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

Bring on the heat with this beautiful oversized flaming coat. Don’t be afraid to stand out - just because the weather is bleary doesn’t mean your outfit has to be, too! Raise the bar of any outfit and shine through the cold, gray weather by adding a splash of color to your day.

Cream & Wine

Cream & Wine | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

If you think wine and cheese go great together, then we have the ideal combination for you. Our plain wine-colored turtleneck sweater is made with high-quality elastic fabric that adds a touch of elegance to any winter outfit. Or try a soft wrap cardigan made with 100% cashmere which can be worn with both a sash belt around the waist or without it.

A Pop Of Color

A Pop Of Color | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

If you’re starting to feel cold, or simply want a soft cashmere scarf to bump up your outfit and take it to the next level, then a statement scarf may be just what you need. It will keep you warm and safe while making your outfit look fierce and edgy.

Comfy & Sweet

Comfy & Sweet | Winter Outfits | Bellemere

A snowy winter morning goes perfectly with a pair of soft blue and pink cashmere sweaters. You will be comfortable, warm, and stylish. So break out the sweaters - be they boatneck and pink or v-neck and blue. What matters is that you feel good in your own skin and that you remain caressed by the soft fabric that is pure cashmere.


Whether you plan on going outside or staying inside this season, what matters is that you stay warm and comfy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also be stylish and elegant while doing either. Shop our beautiful winter outfit collection for men and women and say hello to the chilly weather. With our cashmere and wool garments, it won’t make you feel cold anyway!