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Flounced Mini Skirt

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Another heavenly-inspired iconic idea. Featured the house's hallmark motif, in addition to its alluring flounces and fitted waist. Use your photos and memories to personalize this stunning flounce skirt. Lightweight, smooth texture, and stylish. This mini skirt is the missing piece to your perfect flounce skirt outfits. Style with a matching top and you are ready to capture people's attention

Details and features
  • Featured flounces
  • Mini skirt. Smart
  • Two pockets at the back.
  • 12GG. Stitch

80% recycled Merino Wool and 20% recycled Cashmere

Care Instructions

Machine wash

Size Information
Measurements in (CM) XS S M L XL
Length 37 39 41 43 45
Waist 29 31 33 35 37
Bottom Width 58 60 61.5 64 66