BelleTalk : Lucas Lifestyle Interview

Recently we had the pleasure to interview Lucas Garcez- one of our first BELLEMERE models. In our interview, Lucas told us how he successfully juggles two professions. He also shared with us how the recent COVID-19 pandemic impacted his personal and professional life. Read below to learn more about his lifestyle advice and experience with us.

Lucas' Profile
- Born and raised in Brazil
- Started modelling with 16 years in Brazil
- Now living in New York City
- 2 professions: model, lifestyle and leadership coach

Watch our interview clip to learn about Lucas' experience with Bellemere and how he feels about our products:

 Favourite Picks By Lucas


 Q: From your perspective, what type of group of the society BELLEMERE would speak to the most?

A:  I think it is a wide range of people. I feel like cashmere can be very classic, but at the same time we had so many young pieces that were very modern and fashion. So I feel like it could go for any age pretty much. 

Q: How was your lifestyle during the corona pandemic?

A:  It was a time for me to put my energy on things that I was not really looking at before. In your normal work, you normally balance between family, work and taking care for yourself. But all of a sudden there was one structure of my life dead, so there was no work. For me, it was about reinventing myself. [..] So there was like a big shock at the beginning and I think we all kind of reinvent ourselves a little bit and do our best to stay sane, healthy and stay positive.

Learn about Lucas' Profession as a life & leadership coach

Editor: Christiane Schwarz