About us (Our story)

 About us

Our Mission

Bellemere. A simple word play combining ‘belle’ - French for ‘beautiful’ - and the thing we love most – ‘cashmere’. 

Bellemere is a high-end New York fashion house specialising in cashmere, merino wool garments.  

At Bellemere, our mission is to provide natural, high quality garments for men and women. Every item we sell is designed with the modern New York lifestyle in mind; classy, comfortable, and chic, while being reasonably priced. 

We’re selective about the fibres we choose - not only should they look good, but they should be 100% natural, sustainably sourced, and incredibly soft to the touch.  

At Bellemere, we believe that looking good is about feeling good, and we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with our carefully curated selection of soft, high quality garments in gorgeous natural fabrics that not only look incredible, but feel incredible, too.

Our story   

The creation of our brand arose from the combination of the multicultural fashion background of our founder- Samantha- and her passion for fabrics that are natural, sustainable, and well-suited for sensitive skin, such as cashmere, Merino wool and Tencel. Her experience and immeasurable interest in fashion and beauty guided her to value quality, comfort, and ethics. Over time, Samantha became more closely connected with nature and gained valuable knowledge about sustainable fashion after her move to Switzerland. It was there that she found her passion for the luxurious and natural cashmere while looking for warm clothing that would also give her the comfort her sensitive skin required. Driven by her desire to offer high quality, sustainable resources for a reasonable price, Samantha began a collaboration with a New York designer to create Bellemere and later selected a factory that met her high quality and ethical standards.

Bellemere. Beautiful Cashmere. 

Our Cashmere

Cashmere is a soft, luxurious material that makes you feel beautiful and confident. However garments that are not pure cashmere can be itchy and uncomfortable. Bellemere uses only premium quality, hand-loomed cashmere for our ready-to-wear collections and ensures that our apparels are extraordinarily comfortable to wear.


Our goats are hand-combed only once a year. Our herders just gently brush of the goat's soft under coat, leaving the top coat in-tact so the goats' bodies remain safe from wind, weather and sunburn.