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Q:  You are a life and leadership coach. Did you have a lot of people reach out to you during the pandemic to get advice from you?

A: Yes, this was a great turning point in my coaching career. I felt like it’s the time when people are actually looked for support and it was amazing for me to dedicate this time of my life on my coaching fully and to put all my energy into my clients. It was great to see actually people standing for themselves and ask: What do I actually want to create in my life after COVID? What can I produce right now to achieve the life that I want? 

Q: How do you think you are the right person to coach somebody else?

A: If the person wants to transform their life, I want to empower that. It is a partnership. It needs both energies, not only from me but also from the client. I am just the reflection of the client.

Q: Does your profession require you to be a positive person?

A:  I think "positive" can also be viewed at as a place. You can always come from a place of positivity, or hope It does not matter if it is a breakdown or a crisis, but it always comes from this positive place. For you to come from this positive place you actually have to believe there is this positive place to come from. Some clients may have a hard time finding that positive place. So for some clients we might have to create structures to reconnect to 1) who they are, 2) who they want to be and 3) what is in-between. These are the conversations I want to have.

 Q:  How did your modeling experience start? Who told you to become model, if that was the case?

A: {laughs} Yes, actually it was my dad. My dad brought me to an agency because I did not know what to study: Chemistry? But I also like physical therapy? I was all over. So I needed some time. But, he [my father] was like: “No, you cannot have some time. You will have to do something with this time.” When I was a kid I used to also take some photos for kid’s advertising. So he contacted my old booker when I was a kid and they referred me to an agency. Then I started with an agency and it happened so quickly. After six months, I already had the opportunity to go overseas. And then I just jumped right in, at first kind of like an escape from where I was. Eventually it ended up falling in love with the job and started to dedicate myself to it.

Q: What was your professional challenge that comes first into your mind? 

A: Not mentioning the pandemic, but I would say- right at the beginning of my career. I was very young. I was 17 and living at my mom’s house where everything was perfect. When you have a headache, they know what you have to do to feel better. At some point, one day I was by myself out there in the world and I could not speak English, so that was really challenging. But in a way it made me grow and dedicate myself to learn English to practice and ask for help. Yes, I learned a lot of things on the way, but this was one of the things that was a big challenge for me.


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