What fabrics are available at BELLEMERE? Please refer to the following page to read more about BELLEMERE'S FABRICS 
Where can I find the size chart? Items are measured differently. For our customer to choose the right size, we included a size chart next to the item on our BELLEMERE website. If you are still experiencing troubles in accessing/viewing the size chart, please contact us. 
Where is my money going to?

We are devoted to delivering our products from our factory to our customers directly.

In that way, we can sell our products for wholesale prices straight to you. What does that mean to our shoppers?

Your money goes directly to the purchase and production of your item's fabric. We have been highly selective in our choice of factory. 

What is "ply"?

Ply represents the amount of yarns that are twisted together to create a a single thread. We speak about two-ply if two yarns are twisted together to create a single thread that is woven into your garment's fabric. Generally speaking, two-ply fabrics have a higher quality than single-ply fabrics.

What is "gauge" or its abbreviation "GG"?

The Gauge measurement indicates the number of stitches or rows per inch- in other words- how tightly your garment is knitted. A tightly knitted cashmere item requires more yarn and is represented with a higher number of gauge. Gauge is commonly abbreviated with "GG". Most cashmere items have 7-12 GG. While at BELLEMERE, you can buy items with 16GG to enjoy durability and high quality for many decades.

Do you produce sustainable clothing?

For more info on how our products are sustainable, check out our blog on sustainable fashion.

Do you have any tips on cashmere care? 

Yes, we do. Please click here to read our CASHMERE CARE GUIDE.