Order Swatch

Do you want to feel our products before making a purchase? 
Feeling uncertain about the quality of our products?
You don't like the hassle of returning your garment?
We totally understand your concern and thought of a solution that gives you the chance to feel our fabric before making a purchase: our BELLEMERE Swatch. 
Why order our Swatch? 
1. We only want our customers to purchase garments that they will love & wear for many years. 
2. We want to take the burden off our customers to return items if the product did not meet their expectations. 
3. We have a no-cash refund policy. Once you place an order, you can exchange our goods but not receive a cash refund.
4.  If you feel uncertain about our products and would like to touch our fabrics before placing your order.
5. We will offer direct shipment of our Swatch to your home. 
6. We offer two different SWATCH sets- each including three different fabric materials. 
  • Worsted Cashmere
  • 100% Luxury Cashmere 
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Cashmere Wool Blend
  • Cashmere Cotton Blend
  • Tencel 
How can you order it?
1. Just click here to order your Swatch 
2. Choose either SET I or SET II -depending on your interest
3. Pay for the shipment fee to your home


Refund shipment cost
Once you place the order, we will reduce the amount of the shipping cost back to you. 
Before purchasing, we recommended our future customers to
  1. Take a peek though our product pictures and videos
  2. Take advantage of our available zoom-in and out functions
  3.  Read our product and material descriptions
  4. Contact us via info@bellemereny.com if questions arise
Thank you for supporting our sustainable e-purchase.