Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt121807996305576
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Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt2321817642090664
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Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt2721817641828520
Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt2821817642254504
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Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt3021817642287272
Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt3121817642320040
Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt3221817642352808

Silk Cashmere Polo T-Shirt

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Whether you’re hitting the tennis course or going for a round of golf, our classic polo shirt is your new plus one. You can wear it with cargo pants and slides for a casual off-the-course look or keep it classic with your tennis shorts or golf pants. Available in yellow and pink, our polo shirt is made using a 100% sustainable silk-cashmere blend to make it kinder to your skin and the world around us. 


If you’re looking for an oversized polo shirt, we recommend sizing up and taking your regular size for a fitted silhouette. Our classic polo shirt is a spring and summer staple that you’ll reach for all season long.

Details and features
  • Silk-cashmere blend.
  • Sustainable fabric.
  • Available in yellow and pink.
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Version Loose fit Standard fit Slim fit
Softness Hard Standard Soft
Thickness Thin Standard Thick
Flexibility Inelasticity Standard Elasticity

Measurements in inches

Size / inch EU UK US body length chest sleeve length
XS 36 4 0 22 35 7
S 38 6 2 23 35 7
M 40 8 4 24 36 8
L 42 10 6 24 37 8
XL 44 12 8 25 38 9


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Size / cm EU UK US body length chest sleeve length
XS 36 4 0 56 88 18
S 38 6 2 58 90 19
M 40 8 4 60 92 20
L 42 10 6 62 94 21
XL 44 12 8 64 96 22