Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit130842092781810
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit231331726131442
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit330842092847346
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit430842092978418
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit531331700900082
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit631331724820722
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit731331767419122
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit830842092880114
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit930842092912882
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1030842092814578
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1130842093011186
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1231331767812338
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1331331770859762
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1431331774693618
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1531331779117298
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1631901344235762
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1731901344268530
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1831901344301298
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit1932109874446578
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit2032109874413810
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit2132109874544882
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit2232109874479346
Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit2332109874512114

Two-Tone Wool Blend Jumpsuit

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Stunning and stylish, Bellemere's short classic striped knit jumpsuit add an elegant addition to your closet. It’s literally the face of every party! Crafted on a sustainable wool, Bellemere's halter tie-back jumpsuit is a c


It has double straps, also features a sophisticated waistband with an internal drawstring, and is double folded at the top & bottom hem of the jumpsuit. This work of art is definitely a must-have this summer.

The vibe of the whole outfit!

Details and Features
  • 70% Tencel 25% Silk 5% Cotton
  • Ribbed V-neck 
  • Waistband with internal drawstring 
  • Double Strap & hem
  • Loose legs
  • Classic Ripple stitch crochet
  • 3 entwined colors 
  • Sewn eyelets 
  • 2 distinct variants

Tencel | Cotton | Silk

Tencel, a unique fiber in two distinct variants—Tencel lyocell and Tencel modal. A fabric, with thinner and softer thread, breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic. 

This is the most popular, commonly used, lightweight, soft feel, durable, holds dye well, breathable, loose, and can easily absorb liquid contents like sweat and water. 

Silk is generally recognized as the strongest natural textile in the world. Silk is a timeless fabric that glitters in the sun; it’s soft, shiny, durable, breathable, elastic, and lightweight.

3 of materials combine blended will effect Soft, durable and light weight, this is the best 

Care Instructions

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.


Size Information 


Version Loose fit Slim fit Tight fit
Hard Standard Soft
Thin Standard Thick
Flexibility Inelasticity Standard Elasticity


Measurements in CM

Size / cm front length (upper vest) body length (lower pants)  chest waist bottom width
XS 40 106.5 78 30 29
S 42 107.5 80 32 30
M 44 109 82 33.5 31
L 46 110.5 84 36 32
48 112 86 38 33