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Touchscreen Cashmere Gloves

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This gorgeous touch set of screen gloves is ideal for those who are tired of taking off their gloves to answer phone calls and text messages on their smart phones. Bellemere’s touch screen gloves allow you to us your phone on the road on cold days- without your hands needing to feel cold. You may also opt to only wear our gloves around your wrist and ditch the soft cashmere material around your fingers.

How does it work?

Bellemere attaches conductive threads on fingertips (thumb and index finger) to make the glove touchscreen friendly.  Majority of our modern touch screens apply capacitive sensing to detect touch. To activate the screen with gloves, we require conductive threads for it to actually work.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic set of gloves!

Features and Details
  • 100% Premium Cashmere
  • Super soft and lightweight
  • Weight: 56g
  • Conductive threads on thumb and index finger
  • 2 in one function: Ability to revert to fingerless gloves
  • Available in 5 colors: babypink, brown, light grey, dark grey, black

100% Pure Sustainable Mongolian Cashmere                                                              

Cashmere is a soft, luxurious material that can make the wearer feel beautiful and confident. However, if the garment is not pure cashmere, it can be itchy and uncomfortable. We use only the premium quality hand-loomed cashmere for our ready-to-wear collections and ensure that our hats are super comfortable to wear and do not feel itchy.


Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.