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Ultra Soft Cashmere Scarf

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Discover our pure cashmere scarf with super soft, warm and cozy feel. The multi color outfit accessory is the perfect way to complete any winter look being crafted in a stylish selection of shades.

Features and Details
- Highest thread count and GSM possible.
- Gentle and cozy - Gentle on your skin, yet keeps you warm in the coldest  weather.
- It feels like a soft warm hug.
- New design is tag-less for extra comfort.
- Available in 9 different colors
- Super soft and lightweight, single-ply knit

Length: 180 Centimeters; Width: 35 Centimeters
100% Premium Quality Cashmere

Cashmere is a soft, luxurious material that can make the wearer feel beautiful and confident. However, if the garment is not pure cashmere, it can be itchy and uncomfortable. We use only the premium quality hand-loomed cashmere for our ready-to-wear collections and ensure that our scarves are super comfortable to wear and do not feel itchy.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand-wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam-iron.