Merino Wool Fabric: The Sustainable Fabric You Didn’t Know You Needed For Summer


Forget your current preconceptions about wool being a heavy winter fabric. Merino wool is a lightweight type of wool that will be your savior during spring showers and cool summer evenings. Oh, and did we mention that it’s sustainable? Clothing made from merino wool fabric ticks many boxes when it comes to post-purchase satisfaction. Find out what you’re missing if you don’t have any merino wool in your closet yet.

What Is Merino Wool?


You’re probably wondering what makes merino special compared to other kinds of wool. It comes from the merino wool sheep native to the highlands of Australia and New Zealand. This climate has made the sheep grow an especially soft fleece. As a result merino wool is much finer and softer than other kinds of wool. It’s a high quality and lightweight material that works for many different types of weather. Merino wool will definitely change your mind if you’ve been averse to wool in the past. It’s so smooth and light you may find it hard to believe you’re wearing wool at all!

Merino Wool Benefits


An ultra soft handfeel and a light weight aren’t the only things finest merino wool brings to the table. Merino wool fabric that is favored for creating stylish yet practical clothing for many different functions. Merino wool can be worn simply for aesthetic purposes and as a performance enhancer.

  • It’s a natural thermoregulator. You might think of wool as only a warming fabric but merino wool also has the power to cool the body. It has absorbing qualities that cools the body down in the summer and heats it up in the winter. This makes merino wool a perfect choice any time of the year.
  • It’s durable. Merino wool is approximately 6 times stronger than cotton. You can count on merino wool to stick around and still look great for years to come. A merino wool garment can be considered an investment piece, but it will be worth every penny.
  • It will keep you feeling fresh. Merino wool is a popular choice for sports and performance gear because of its breathability. Merino has the ability to absorb sweat and release it as it dries. It may sound strange to wear wool when playing sports, but it’s actually an excellent choice.
  • It’s hypoallergenic and itch-free. Maybe you’ve been avoiding wool because of sensitive skin or allergies. Well, we’ve got good news for you. Merino wool is in a league of its own when it comes to comfort and wearability. It’s a naturally hypoallergenic fabric and its smoothness means you’ll never have to deal with itchiness.
  • It’s machine-washable and fast drying. The beauty of merino wool clothes is that it’s a luxurious yet low maintenance fabric. Hand-washing is encouraged, but if you’re strapped for time you can put it on a gentle cold water cycle (no more than 30℃). Your merino garments won’t take long to dry either; the fine nature of the fabric means it can release water quickly. Find out more on merino wool care here.

Why Is Merino Wool Sustainable?


Perhaps the biggest benefit of merino wool is its sustainability factors. Merino wool is a completely natural, renewable, and biodegradable fabric. It doesn’t pollute the earth like its synthetic counterparts. The durability of merino wool is another plus. Merino garments can last a very long time, which promotes a longer clothing life cycle. When their life eventually comes to an end the merino wool will gently break down into the earth and come full circle.


Merino wool can also be considered an ethical fabric when sourced from the right farms. Cruelty-free farms allow sheep to graze freely and live in peace. They employ skillful shearers that remove wool in the gentlest way possible. Bellemere New York is committed to sourcing merino wool from farms with ethical and sustainable practices. We make sure that all of our merino wool is traceable and certified by the International Textile Standards.


Wearing ethically-sourced merino wool means being kind to the planet. It’s a fabric that will make you look and feel good.

Merino Wool For Warmer Days


Thicker types of wool are generally restricted to heavy coats and jackets. The lightness of merino wool makes it an excellent candidate for a wide range of garments. It’s easy to find merino wool t-shirts, tank tops, and polos. Plus, they won’t look any heavier than their cotton cousins. Merino wool will still allow you to recreate all your favorite summer outfits with shorts and skirts. In fact, you might find that merino only makes these outfits more comfortable!


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