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Bellemere’s 5 Simple Way To Save Endangered Species —Polar Bears

Let’s save the Polar Bear world What would you think of a world without polar bears? You said, “it’s none of your business,” because the tiger is your favorite. Well, it saddened that this “orange colored with black stripes animal population is also fast declining due to OUR activities. And there are many more of this wildlife—including elephants, turtles, rhinos, and more— that extinction is about to claim! How do you feel now? Well, I’m sure like every other reasonable human across the globe; you’re sober! We all feel the same. So, what would be a world without polar bears? We said “Empty,” at Bellemere’s Fashion! Simply imagine an empty Artic without polar bears; the population of walruses, seals, whales,...


Tencel 101: Hidden Secret About Tencel, A Sustainable Fabrics For This Summer

Introduction to Tencel Fabrics Have you gone shopping recently probably for your summer wear? Then there is a high chance that you must have seen this fibre; popularly known as Tencel or lyocell fabric in one of the boutique hang stands, racks or closets you visited. We knew you didn’t bother to ask about it, after all, most of us would focus on our target to avoid unplanned buying. Well, that’s great and a good habit! However, there is something magical and exquisite about Tencel fabric that even if you’ve purchased dozens of other wears, Tencel fabric-made clothes are still a must this summer! I know you still don’t believe it; why don’t we explore more about the Tencel, a...


Sustainable Wears; A Must On World Environmental Day

It’s no more news that our earth is gradually dying as a result of several centuries of irrational behavior across the globe. All thanks to the UN and other organizations who foresee the calamity ahead and swung into action in the ’70s. While being realistic, we’ve done a great deal of damage to the world as individuals, households, and industries. If we keep up the pace; well, the world may not spin out of our solar system; but our extinction will be inevitable.Since 1974, the 5th of June has been chosen globally to celebrate world environment day. So let me ask you, how do you intend to celebrate world environmental day or should I say; what would be your quota...


Cotton Cashmere 101: A Must For Everyone This Summer

Ta-da! It’s Spring again, the beautiful and remarkable season our blue planet revives and reinvigorates after the long colder winter months.  We presume you are planning on buying the regular spring outlets (which include clothes made of tropical wool, linen, eyelets, etc.) as you prepare for the hot seasons. Well, that's not a bad idea but here’s the good news; Cashmere combinations such as cotton and silk-blend are now taking over the Spring market wears across the board. Do you know why? Wait, what do you even know about cotton-cashmere? My bad! I’ll give you a brief introduction. What Is Cotton Cashmere? In a straight shot, cotton-cashmere is a cotton product blended with the pure Cashmere. In a more simple...


Valentine’s Day 2022: Gift Guide + Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here! This romantic holiday is a wonderful winter pick-me-up: delicious treats, beautiful flowers, and a gift that shows your significant other just how much they mean to you. We all want to spoil our partners, which is why we're turning to cashmere and merino wool to blend luxury and love.