Our Cashmere Resources





Our cashmere hair come from farmers located in inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjan Uygur, Nigxia Hui, Quinghai & ShanXi Province. Farmers and their animals are selected from upstream pastures that conserve natural resources and treat their animals well. Our textile company (listed company) supports the movement of ecological and environmental-friendly Yarn and cashmere garment production. 

Quality of the Yarn

Bellemere Yarn and Raw materials is coming from a textile company which operates with High-advanced automation, low energy consumption, excellent dyeing and finishing equipment as well as outstanding testing equipments for our Yarn's quality. 

Our luxury cashmere yarn is made out of ultra-fine (14-15 microns), natural and undyed cashmere fibre.


Bellemere wants to contribute to the movement of sustainable fashion. Therefore, we only choose resources that share the same vision. Our textile company has earned countless certificates to prove their high standards of quality controls and their contribution to sustainable fashion. Our suppliers ensured us that animals and their farmers are protected and well taken care of. 


We are very transparent about our factory and textile company and can ensure customers that our resources are traceable. We work closely with them to ensure we only receive cashmere yarn of highest standard.  

Fabrics Quality Management Control 

 We work with listed companies that have undergone numerous quality controls and have obtained numerous certificates, including:

  •  OHSAS18001 Worldwide Quality Assurance (-latest certification specification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)
  • ISO9001 International Standard of Quality Management System (-ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements)
  • ISO14001 Environment Management System (-standards to minimize negative impact upon the environment)

Please note: Moving forward, Bellemere is working on becoming a sustainable fashion brand.