7 Newest & Stylish Ski Sweaters and Socks 2023

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

In my conclusion, the 3 months of winter would have been the grand punishment for humanity’s sin assuming some special winter activities and sports—skiing for instance—don’t exist. What would have been our fate? Probably sleeping through the winter in our contemporary caves like our hominid predecessors. However, the bustling skiing industry and the increasing population of skiers across the globe have transformed the quiet season on the planet into more lively, and more importantly fun.

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

If you live in the Alpine or Nordic countries, you must have been seeing your neighbors swinging here and there ripping the best of winter. I say this is the best time for you to suit up to experience the combination of excitement, exhilaration, and freedom as you ski down the elevations of mountains. What do you say, all hands on deck? Perfect! But you need a complete skit kit, obviously—unless you’re planning to expose your tender organs to the extreme cold!

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

However, every winter day does not require a heavy-duty ski kit—especially, on those sunny winter days—you may be surprised that a Ski sweater is actually not a bad idea—if it’s one stone hit many birds stuff—like serves as Ski mid-layer stuff in addition to being a contemporary sweater for those late-night dates. Here, we’ve pulled together 7 newest ski sweater from Belle’s vault that looks exceptionally stylish, to add to your winter pack list

01 Ski Sweater

 Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

Apés Ski Turtleneck Sweater

This is the sweater that does the talking. Kind of Heritage styled. This comfortable turtleneck sweater makes a grand entrance with its stylish design and the bold statement on its chest embracing the traditions that follow the day’s skiing. Carefully knitted using Merino wool and a touch of cashmere that combines warmth and performance with durability. This sweater is a stone that hit 3 birds—skiing mid-layers, Apés Ski, and a stylish piece to rock a casual evening.

02 Ski Sweater

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

Vogue Half-Zipped Merino Wool Pullover

Make a bold statement to your ski repertoire with this pullover. Another exceptional Belle’s ski exclusive collection. Carved on premium cashmere wool and completed with a metallic half-zip and exterior line details for a festive touch. It offers better insulation and comfort.

03 Ski Sweater

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

Rich Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater

As the name implies, this exclusive piece is one of those super classic Ski sweaters you’ll ever find on premium cashmere knit. Cable-knit and premium wool imply it works like an insulator and wicks moisture better. The mock neck and classic ribbed details also imply you’re willing to make a loud statement.

04 Ski Sweater

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

Mountain-Print Cashmere Blend Sweater

While talking about stylishness, this sweater makes its way to the top. It’s not just about the thickness and the quality of the wool—100% Merino Wool—alone. The sweater embraces an artistic elevation of the mountain with the iconic brand signature on both arms like an honorary band. Making it a ski sweater by default even though it makes a classic look for a most casual gathering. The sweater generates enough insulation, has a generously relaxed fit, and is classic. Why not buy it now?

05 Ski Sweater

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

Checker Print Cashmere Merino Sweater

Whatever Ski resorts you’ve chosen, Belle’s check print sweater will make you stand out in the crowd of skiers; especially, when the sun is up and you’re out of your shell. This sweater is made from traceable, ethically sourced Merino wool with a touch of cashmere. This quality implies zero pilling or itchiness while you are busy swinging between hills.

06 Ski Sweater

Bellemere 7 ski sweaters that are stylish and contemporary

Fitted Mock-Neck Sweater

This is another Belle's piece equipped with sustainable water-repellent wool that traps warmth better in addition to its hugging nomenclature. The smooth and sleek feels make you comfortable and at the same time, make you appear like a pro to onlookers.


Bellemere’s Skiing Sock

07 Ski Socks

 Bellemere 7 ski socks that are stylish and contemporary

Over-The-Knee Cashmere Socks

If socks are considered one of the essentials of every Ski kit, then you should definitely invest in the best! These Cashmere snowboard-specific socks have salient properties that met the requirement. Look at it from this angle: the socks are thinner, yet thicker, and would not bunch up in your boots. It also provides your legs with the utmost level of warmth and comfort in style


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