WE care "Environment Protection"

Protection of the environment 

-sustainability fashion: Cashmere is sustainable because it is reusable and can last for decades. 

Save fuel:


 We do not ship all our products to the US first before distribution, they are being sent directly from the factory. This protects the environment by not having thousands of items being sent to US (less is used for air transportation) and then distributed to the customers worldwide.

Save the land-


less overproduction of  garments. We produce what is in demand. #qualityoverquantity  We value customers that care about the environment and the animals as we do. Quality over quantity, some items will only be created/designed specially for your needs instead of having piles of  items in stock. When orders are placed and item is not in stock, it will be made for the customer. This might cause a delay in shipping, however you can help the environment by us only creating what is in demand.


    save animals 

    over-usage. selective process of factories that choose farms based on their ability to lessen negative impact of goats on the environment as well as fair treatment to the animals.