Why Bellemere

Why choose Bellemere

At Bellemere, we care about what goes into creating every garment we design. We only use high-quality, natural, sustainable fabrics. We create every piece with your comfort in mind. We can create custom sizes for your own unique needs, and we ship all our products globally. Bellemere believes in  high quality and ethical standards and is committed to avoiding the overuse of land and animals. With Bellemere, you get outstanding quality for a reasonable price.


1. We offer cashmere garments of distinguished quality

Bellemere offers 100% cashmere garments of high gauge, little weight and 2-ply knitting. Our garments have an average weight of 180-360g. The clothing is therefore lightweight, yet warm due to its high gauge standards. Bellemere uses only A and B grade in cashmere products.

Bellemere Grade A cashmere: 15.5-15.8 micron; 34-36mm fibre length. 

Bellemere Grade B cashmere: 15.5-16.4 micron; 34-36mm fibre length. 

 Bellemere Worsted Cashmere: 14 GG- 18 GG

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 2. We use transparent and sustainable raw materials

Bellemere uses a leading textile company which has highest and certified resources to produce cashmere of finest quality. This means that Bellemere’s yarn and other raw materials derive from a qualitatively strong and sustainable background. Our textile company is seeking to have a lesser impact on the environment and only carefully uses raw materials and natural resources in its production. Our textile resources have years of experience and provided their assurance of quality to us.

Bellemere sells garments made of special natural high-quality fiber as the main raw materials, such as Australian merino wool and Tencel. Samantha H. was highly selective of its chosen textile company. Most important was that the production process was eco- friendly, while also producing high quality garments within a human environment.

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3. We market premium fabrics for an affordable price

Following previous point, Bellemere provides garments of high quality.
Compared to other brands, Bellemere offers garments with higher gauge, yet for an unbeatable price. Our research found that for the same quality, the market price would be at least 30-40% higher than Bellemere’s prices.


4. We promote vibrant color collections

While Bellemere also markets coats and sweaters with natural color blends (e.g. grey, beige, brown tones), Bellemere’s signature coats are featured with more stylish, trending and vibrant colors than its competitors. E.g. Coats in pastel colors (lavender, green, yellow, flamingo).


5. We use eco-friendly packaging



Bellemere uses eco-friendly packaging that is a sustainable approach aimed at reducing the environmental impact of product packaging. It reflects our commitment to sustainability, contributing to a healthier planet.


6. We provide aftercare products and guidance 


Customer received after care products once they purchase the product (cashmere comb, cedar wood balls and garment zipper bag/ garment bag, post care instruction QR code in the tag) to ensure durability of garments.
Also here, customers can read and learn how to take care of their garment to ensure durability.


7. Bellemere offers 3D visuals of garments


Bellemere provides videos of model’s wearing the garment to ensure enhanced visuals (3D view) and as a result to ease customer’s e-shopping experience.