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Beige Collar Wool

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Features and Description
  • 100% lamb wool 
  • Double gun flap detail
  • Double front flap pockets
  • Stan collar closure neck
  • Weight 750G
  • Model is 5'11” (180 cm)
  • New edition coat is produced with black buttons (see first picture)


100% Hand-made Wool Coat 

You might be wondering what a pure manual double-sided woolen cloth coat is. It is made from two pieces of wool combined into one fabric, with a pure manual suture. We are talking about a purely luxurious fabric that contains no imperfections. Wool should never be judged by its thickness. Double-sided woolen coat is thin – it doesn’t make you look bulky - yet it is softer and warmer than the average coat. So, it gives you an elegant gesture during winter, while keeping you warm.

Care Instructions

Gentle hand wash using delicate detergent, dry flat, steam iron.

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    1. Most of our coats are one-size fit all.
    2. Due to hand-made production, sizes may differ up to 2 cm. These differences are often not noticeable.
    3. If you have concerns or wish to alter sleeve or coat length, please feel free to use our customizing form. 
    4. Email us if you require assistance. We are happy to help!