The Ultimate Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2021

bellemere_spring capsule wardrobe

Our spring capsule wardrobe is here. Are you ready to feel light, fresh, and airy?

Spring is right around the corner, and this means that we get to shrug out of our coats, sweaters, gloves, and hats, and switch them out for lightweight, comfy, airy spring clothes! It’s time for dresses, cotton t-shirts, airy blouses, and even light sweaters to come out. It’s time for the ultimate spring capsule wardrobe 2021. Are you ready? Because we are!

Simple & Elegant

Our mock neck short sleeve worsted cashmere sweater is the perfect companion to a fresh spring afternoon. It’s made with 100% Worsted Cashmere and has angled shoulder seams to create a beautiful silhouette. You can mix and match with a pair of jeans, a cute skirt, or even some fresh shorts to enjoy the day! The only thing you would have to worry about is whether it looks better in simple white or elegant pink nude.

Part Of The Crew

There’s no better look than a classic crew neck cashmere t-shirt. After all, that’s why it’s called a classic! This beautiful t-shirt is made with a unique blend of 90% cotton and 10% cashmere, allowing the garment to have the strength and breathability of cotton plus the softness and lightweight of cashmere. It’s also available in cream white, blue, or black to suit any outfit or color choice you prefer.

Breezy & Sophisticated

We are true believers that the staple of a spring capsule wardrobe is the perfect dress. This merino wool tank dress is ideal for a date night out or just for chilling around the house. It’s made with 100% superfine Merino wool, a natural fiber grown by Merino sheep that is both thinner and softer than natural wool. The long straight cut and open button from the knees make this a dress that can make any outfit look casual, cool, and chic.

For The Colder Spring Days

Spring is a fickle season. Some days it’s warm, some days it’s breezy, and some days it feels like winter just came back. For those days, our worsted cashmere crew neck sweater is the perfect mixture between sophistication, comfort, and warmth. It’s made from 100% worsted cashmere, a finer quality of the already smooth fabric. With proper care, this fabric can be long-lasting, making it a staple of your spring capsule wardrobe for many years to come.

Comfy & Stylish

Rarely would one think that a stylish outfit is comfortable. But in this case, it is. Our hoodie 3-in-1 set is made with a special mix of cotton and cashmere to keep you warm, soft, and comfortable no matter what you decide to do with your day. The set includes 3 items: a soft hoodie, comfy long pants, and airy short pants, all made with 90% cotton and 10% cashmere for the utmost comfort and softness. Match it with your favorite pair of designer sneakers and maybe some cute accessories and you’re set for the day!

Effortlessly Chic

To look effortlessly chic all you need is the right cashmere v-neck t-shirt. This garment is made with 100% worsted cashmere, which is one of the finest qualities of cashmere. It’s super smooth, silky to the touch, and with a sheer, soft texture. The best part is that you can get all the colors (light blue, wine red, cream, red, or black) and make all your week’s outfits look amazingly chic without even trying! 

Sleeveless Spring

If you’re one of those that loves to celebrate the arrival of spring by throwing the sleeves to the winds, then our cashmere vest is your ideal partner. It’s made with 100% cashmere, a soft, natural, and high-end fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and silky soft to the touch.

Relaxed & Airy

If you’re more of a pullover type of person, then our relaxed worsted cashmere fit pullover was made for you. It’s made from 100% worsted cashmere, making it extremely soft, breathable, and lightweight - which means you will be able to wear it both inside and out on a crisp spring day.  It’s also available in light blue and lovely pink so you can choose whichever color fits your spring personality best!

Ready For Anything

If you’re not sure if the spring day is going to be hot or cold, then our cashmere camisole top is the perfect garment for your spring capsule wardrobe. It’s made to be effortlessly worn as an elegant piece of attire whether you’re matching it with dress pants, jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. It adds a little edge to the spring season and keeps you looking stylish while also staying warm enough on a cold day or fresh enough on a warm one. To be honest, this camisole is as gorgeous as it gets. It’s made with 100% cashmere and available in grey, cream, stone green, and camel!

V Is The Way

Do we need to say more? Our v-neck cotton cashmere t-shirt is a staple for every season, but it’s especially striking for a spring capsule wardrobe thanks to its breathability, simplicity, and elegance. 

The Little Black Dress

No season is complete without a little black (or light grey) t-shirt dress. Our merino wool t-shirt dress is made with 100% superfine merino wool, an amazing lightweight and soft fabric that keeps you cool and fresh throughout the day. This beautiful spring capsule wardrobe staple is available in both black and light grey for an effortlessly fresh spring look.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to wear for your spring capsule wardrobe. What matters is that you feel lightweight, airy, and comfortable in your own skin. At Bellemere New York, our mission is to create beautiful garments that support sustainable fashion while also looking stylish with the highest quality fabrics. Shop our spring collection for men and women on our website - some items even have 25% off!