Premium natural fabrics

Bellemere is built upon guaranteeing the fabric that goes into our garments are of the highest quality. We ensure that the material our garments are made from is of the highest quality. By ensuring that each piece has the perfect ply and gauge, our clothing is always of exceptional quality and fits beautifully. When purchasing cashmere, it is crucial to know the importance of the gauge of your cashmere. The higher the gauge is, the tighter the garment is knit it will be warmer and more durable. In comparison, a lower gauge garment will be more breathable and lightweight. Our pieces typically come in a 12 gauge, however, the pieces made from worsted cashmere go up to a 16 gauge. These higher gauge garments will make you look and feel luxurious and sophisticated.
Below are more details about our natural, sustainable, high-quality fabrics:
Woolen Cashmere
Worsted Cashmere
Merino Super Fine Wool
Hand-Made Wool Coat
Cashmere and Cotton Blend


    Luxury Cashmere

    Cashmere is known for being a natural, soft, and high-end fabric. It is a popular material and continues to grow in demand due to its high quality and durability, while still being a natural product. Often, clothing materials can leave you feeling uncomfortable or itchy. However, that will never be an issue when dealing with cashmere. Bellemere uses only premium quality hand-loomed cashmere, ensuring that our clothing is always comfortable and non-irritating.


    Worsted Cashmere

     Worsted cashmere, also known as baby cashmere is an even finer quality of cashmere. This super smooth fabric has a silky finish to the touch. This fabric has a smooth yarn filament , with a fine weave that gives garments a more detailed look and feel. With proper care, this fabric will be longlasting and high quality, unlike many clothing pieces you find within fast fashion. Garments made from worsted cashmere are typically 14, 16 or 18 gauge.


    Super Fine Merino Wool

    Merino wool is a lightweight and soft fabric that will keep you cool and fresh throughout the day or a workout. Its fibers are inherently porous, unlike synthetic fabrics, keeping you cool while on the move. Merino fibers keep moisture away from your skin and blocks odors. Garments made from merino wool are incredibly comfortable and flexible.



    Tencel fibers are known for their natural comfort and gentleness on the skin and are originally derived from wood. This fabric feels ultra-silky on the skin due to its smooth fiber structure. It is a breathable material and is excellent at regulating body temperature since it is comprised of hydrophilic nanofibers. These fibers are extraordinary at resisting odor and bacteria. Tencel was created to have the fabric's color to be extra bold and vibrant, while also being durable and robust fabric. This fabric also has a lower carbon footprint in comparison to the other materials.

    Hand-Made Wool Coat

    If you're wondering what a pure manual double-sided woolen cloth coat is look no further. It is made from two pieces of wool combined into on fabric, with a pure manual structure. This is a perfect and luxurious fabric for keeping warm, while also not looking too bulky. The double-sided woolen coat is thin an form-fitting, though it is still super warm and soft. This coat is elegant during the colder months while still being chic.


    Cashmere Wool Blend

    Woolen cashmere is a blend of both cashmere and woo. It has a warm and cozy feeling due to its unique weave. This material is extra wrinkle resistant and durable like woo, while also having the softness and lightweight feel of cashmere. Garments made from woolen cashmere are not as elastic as cashmere and are more resistant to pilling. It is thicker than worsted cashmere, and regulates body temperature well, making it the perfect fabric for fall and winter.

    Cashmere Cotton Blend

    The blend of cashmere and cotton creates a unique material that has the strength and breathability of cotton plus the softness and lightweight of cashmere. Garments made from this blend are superb for transitioning seasons.

    100% Mercerized Cotton

    Mercerization is a process applied to cellulosic fibers – typically cotton, hemp and linen can be mercerized also – to increase luster, able to absorb more water, and therefore absorb more dye, making the color of the dyed cloth brighter and deeper. Not only is the color brighter, it also gives the cloth a better resistance to multiple washings, keeping the colors bright and unchanged over time.