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Delicate Brushed Cashmere Vest

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This is an ideal piece of brushed materials. Crafted in extremely lightweight brushed cashmere, it can be better described by its envelope closure embracing your body loosely yet fitted. Embellish with 3 pearl buttons at the left shoulder like an insignia; a touch highlighting, embracing, and improving the feminine spirit. The vest can be worn over any Bellemere style to complete an elegant and relaxed look.

Details and Features
  • Crew neck.
  • Classic Knit.
  • Classic rib cuff, neckline, and hem.
  • Straight sleeves.
  • Brushed Cashmere.
  • Sparkling Golden buttons at the left shoulder.

100% Premium Quality Cashmere

Cashmere is known for being a soft, high-end fabric. It is a popular material and continues to grow in demand due to its high quality and durability, while still being a natural product. Too often clothing materials can leave you feeling uncomfortable or itchy. However, that is never an issue when wearing cashmere. Bellemere uses only premium, hand-loomed cashmere to ensure that our clothing is always comfortable and non-irritating.

Care Instructions 

Hand wash. Dry clean

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