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Men's Polar Gradient Sweater

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In honor of Bellemere's love of animal conservation, the house came up with this alluring and creative Polar bear sweater; crafted on Merino wool—which implies soft and silky touch. The Polar bear sweater features a polar bear's print on the chest—a glossy mark that preaches sustainability—and a gradient color that brings their natural environments to mind. This creation that illuminates sky blue from afar can be styled on denim or pants.

Features and Details
  • Classic satin stitch.
  • Ribbed collar & cuff.
  • Animal details.
  • Relaxed sleeve.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • Ribbed trims.
  • Round neck

70% recycled Merino Wool & 30% recycled Cashmere.

Merino wool is a lightweight, soft fabric that will keep you cool and fresh throughout the day. An excellent fabric for working out in, its fibers are inherently porous unlike synthetic fabrics, and Merino wool will keep you cool while on the move. Merino fibers keep moisture away from your skin and block odors. Garments made from Merino wool are incredibly comfortable and flexible.

Size Information
Measurement in (INCHES) S M L XL
Body Length 26 1/4 27 27 3/4 28 1/2
Chest 19 1/2 21 22 1/2 24
Sleeve 32  1/12 33 1/2 34 1/2 35 1/2
Bottom Width 15 16 1/2 18 19 1/2
Care Instructions

Dry clean only