Belle’s Men Coat, Layers, and Accessories for Cold Weather



Belle’s Men Coat, Layers, and Accessories for Cold Weather

 New York

It’s the time of the year in the “city that never sleeps” when the remnant of autumn colors elude the sky with different hues and shades, every corner is bustling with activities, and decorations almost everywhere you look at. In a blink of an eye, everyone—even those you considered busy bees—starts getting into the holiday spirit and preparing for Christmas, New year, and all the merriment. And how will I skip all the happenings—like the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New Year’s fireworks in Times Square, the romantic and lively scene at Bryant’s Park, the frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity III we all crave, or the NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show. Can anyone miss the Union Square Holiday Markets, and much more show that is about to be unfolded? While been realistic, New York is one of the best places to be in December.

However, as these events unfold sequentially, no New Yorker or tourists would ever forget the dramatic drop in temperatures this season. According to Thomas Cook, “the average high in New York in December is 60C, which drops to a chilly -10C at night.” So, what does that tells you? Unless you’re a stranger or come from another planet, this is the season to invest in sustainable, yet warm classic apparel; as the chillness is about to get ugly.


As a reminder, Bellemere Fashion Plug, as you may have known, is a vault of sustainable garments. We believe in making the world a better place through our creations. Therefore, It doesn’t matter whether you are going to your nine-to-five job, as usual, or touring the top sights in the city, or with friends; Bellemere’s layering essentials, coat, and accessories are exactly what you needed to survive the chill and enjoyed the month packed with events, thrills, and fun for all!


Belle’s Men Coat, Layers, and Accessories for Cold Weather


The first on our list is the “Basic Winter Style,” this featured three of our contemporary creation; which are made from the ideal fabrics to trap the heat your body generates from escaping into the chilly air. This combination protects more than the usual part you always cloth, it also protects your neck from frostbite and other injuries if you’ll be at the Bryan’s Park or outside for a long time.

The Combination Garments

To look this admirable, as a classic man, you must invest in any of our layering essentials, such as

This is quite essential, as these layering are carefully knitted from Cashmere wool, and as you’ve suspected, like a thermal-life effect, cashmere sweaters block out the cold but also help you generate heat in addition to their soft texture.

You’ll also invest in our Single-Breasted Coat, a wool-blend knit, with inseam pockets to protect your hands and still look contemporary, and the button closure; to ultimately lock-up, if the chilly start gets unbearable. The final gem is any of our scarves, such as:

Belle’s Scarves are made from premium cashmere yarn, which makes them not just good; but a brilliant idea for a fashionable winter cruise.


Belle’s Men Coat, Layers, and Accessories for Cold Weather


The Intermediate Winter Styles is just on another level, the quality and equal combination of Merino and premium cashmere wool gave it an outstanding touch; making the combination more resilient and unique.

The Combination Garments

To meet this classic look, you’ll need to invest in any of our Turtleneck or Half-zipped layering such as:

The above selections are just too ideal, crafted from premium sustainable wool. The seams are smooth, and even, and keep these layering in a streamlined shape, an ideal style to trap warmth and make you feel comfortable.

Bellemere's Car Coat (Merino Blend) comes in line with its shiny and stunning structure which speaks of poise and sophistication; and makes it, obviously, a versatile pick for breezy days.

The final two-piece that set this collection straight out of the record is Belle's accessories.

Ultimate Accessories

As usual, these accessories are crafted from premium cashmere knit and with technical details which contribute, and generate more warmth in addition to the quantity, your body generates.


Belle’s Men Coat, Layers, and Accessories for Cold Weather

Advanced Winter Style

The exceptional collection is inspired by the runaway and Bellemere’s relentless to create winter exception outlooks that will serve as shields against extreme weather and at the same time, provide a contemporary look. Belle’s combination of Cashmere makes this collection highly rate. As you may have suspected, the more layers of cashmere, the better your body traps heat.

The Combination Garments

To look this exceptional, you’ll need Bellemere’s four sustainable garments; starting with the layering, coat, and cashmere accessories—scarf, hat, and glove.

But, What Makes This Collection Exceptional?

According to CCOHS, the extremities, such as your toes, fingers, and ears; as well as the hands and feet tend to get cold more quickly than other parts of the body because;

  • They have a higher surface are-to-volume ratio;

  • And they are more likely to be in contact with colder surfaces than other parts of the body.

Based on this justification, Belle decided to wrap this vulnerable part of the body with one of the warmest wool in the world. With Belle’s exceptional collection, you can be out for hours even at zero-degree temperatures; and while these are merely a drop of water out of Belle’s winter creations that pay homage and tribute to the House’s legacy.


As a way of showing our heartfelt expression for your support and patronage throughout the year; we are offering 20% off our New York runaway and Paris gem. Do you have any inquiries or wish to engage with our products physically, I’m delighted to tell you that Bellemere’s cashmere creations are now on display in Flying Solo, New York, and London.

Belle’s Men Coat, Layers, and Accessories for Cold Weather


As the temperature gets colder, embrace yourself with Belle’s coat, layering, and accessories to enjoy a smooth winter holiday with your loved ones in a city that never sleeps, New York.